A Lion head cake for Lion

The Lion cake

Traditionally I always make a cake for my friend Lianne (aka Lion) on her birthday and this is this year’s effort.

It’s a simple chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream. I used marzipan for extra shaping round the mane and eyes before coating the whole thing in Lindt milk chocolate. The features were added with Lindt dark (70%) and white chocolate.

Lion head cake

Previous cakes for Lianne have included a mojito flavoured gateau, soaked in lime juice and rum and sandwiched together with butter icing flavoured with freshly chopped mint leaves; a volleyball cake for a beach party; a zoo cake; the original lion head cake and a rather disasterous toffee cake that suffered from a long trip in a hot car and which we now refer to only as Birt…. The journey from Winchester to Bournemouth can be hell in the summer!

Volley ball cake   The first Lion face cake


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