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Fast Diet recipes – Day 4

Jun 7, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Fast Diet Recipes  //  Comments Off

Breakfast: Rhubarb breakfast pots (187 calories)

Lunch: Flageolet hummus (176 calories)

Dinner: Broccoli and cauliflower with chilli and anchovy (140 calories)

= 503 calories

I was a little worried about day 4 as it was the first fast day to coincide with a food styling shoot, but I actually felt less hunger pangs than I would have done on a normal day. Considering it’s the first fast day that I’ve managed to get the calories right down to the recommended ladies’ amount, I think that’s pretty good going!


Fast Diet recipes – Day 3

Jun 5, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Fast Diet Recipes  //  Comments Off

Breakfast: Banana and cinnamon porridge – 203 calories

Lunch: Poached eggs with chilli and soy – 175 calories

Dinner: White bean, tomato and anchovy salad – 154 calories

= 532 calories (Justin had an apple too which brought his total up to 600)

I had mixed success with yesterday’s recipes. Lunch was fab and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, but while breakfast and dinner staved off hunger commendably, they were the least tasty of the fast day recipes so far.


Fast Diet recipes – day 2

Jun 2, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Fast Diet Recipes, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off

Breakfast: Rhubarb breakfast pots (187 calories)

Lunch: Crunchy Asian salad (160 calories)

Dinner: Lamb and lentil koftas with yoghurt dip & tabbouleh (183 calories)

= 530 calories

Yesterday was our second fast day and so far, so good. I’ve managed to bring the calories down closer to the ladies’ quota, so Justin was able to have another portion of the mandarin jelly from last week and milk in his morning coffee to bring him up to 600.


Fast Diet recipes – day 1

May 30, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Fast Diet Recipes, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off

Fast Diet recipes – day 1

Breakfast: Apricot and ginger porridge (201 calories)

Lunch: Butterbean, tomato and parsley salad (166 calories)

Dinner: Fava bean puree with chard (192 calories); Mandarin jelly (39 calories)

= 598 calories


The Fast Diet

May 29, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Fast Diet Recipes, Recipes  //  Comments Off

Asian breakfast eggs 175 calories per portion

After spending much of my teenage life on one diet or another, I gave it all up in my 20s. I love food; both the flavour and sensation of eating and all the social rituals that surround it. Exercise however, I can take or leave. I’m definitely built for comfort, not for speed. PE was a traumatic experience at school as it is for anyone that can’t run fast, catch or throw. Since then the only exercise I tolerate is swimming, walking and dancing. For this reason I’m quite surprised to find myself on day one of the 5:2 diet, aka The Fast Diet.


Hot Cross Buns

Mar 22, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Recipes, Susie's Kitchen  //  Comments Off

Justin’s a bit of a hot cross bun fanatic, so today I decided to surprise him by making a batch for lunch. This is a really soft enriched dough, so it’s not just laziness that made me resort to the Kitchen Aid. If you’re short of time, do the mixing, kneading and initial proving in a bread maker – it will knock 2 hours down to about 45 mins.


Chocolate cherries for Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Recipes, Susie's Kitchen, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off

Chocolate cherries

I’ve just made these cherry chocolates as a surprise Valentine’s day dessert (shh – don’t tell Justin!). They look just like regular chocolate-dipped cherries, but no! The stone inside has been replaced with a water-based sloe gin ganache.



Feb 13, 2013   //   by susie   //   Blog, Recipes, Susie's Kitchen  //  2 Comments


Some of the best ingredients turn up when you least expect them. A couple of weeks ago we were up in London, gorging on amazing pulled pork and smoked onglet at Pittcue. We took a slow amble back to Waterloo via ice cream parlour extraordinaire Gelupo, and there, beside the metal canisters full of frozen loveliness, was a small box of fresh bergamots.


Foraging for samphire

Aug 20, 2012   //   by susie   //   Blog, Foraging, Recipes  //  1 Comment

Years ago we did a great walk from Brockenhurst to Lymington along footpaths and country roads. In fact, it was so good, I remember us doing it 2 weekends in a row, then the weather turned bad and normal life took over and we forgot all about it the following year. For some reason it came to mind this weekend and coincided with 2 eerily rain-free days.


A cassoulet pilgrimage

Aug 16, 2012   //   by susie   //   Blog, Food and travel, Recipes, Restaurant Reviews  //  Comments Off

I’ve just come back from 10 days in the South West of France and I’m already mourning the end of lunchtime drinking and river swimming. The weather hasn’t helped – flying back over the New Forest and seeing fields that were more puddle than grass wasn’t a welcome sight. I am pleased to be back in my own kitchen however, with plenty of holiday food inspiration, but all the benfits of sharp knives, a gas hob and the much missed coffee paraphernalia.



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